Wish Us Luck


Please send us all your good vibes.  

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving the house at 2:30am.  We will be driving two and a half hours to Las Vegas to take a flight to San Francisco to go see Duane’s neurologist.  

We will be flying for the first time…the first time with a wheel chair, the first time with a scooter, the first time with a urinal.  Wish us luck that we are able to get through security without me having to take his shoes off, without him having to stand up and without him having to walk.  Wish us luck that we are able to pre board without any hassle.  Wish us luck that I can get his wheelchair through the plane door and get him into his seat easily.  Wish us luck that people aren’t assholes.  

Wish us luck the doctors appointment goes well. 

– xoxo Victoria

3 thoughts on “Wish Us Luck

  1. Hearts and prayers are with you both always. We read every single blog you write– I always read them to Derek. Thanks for writing and sharing your lives with us; don’t stop writing! Your ups and downs, your adventures and struggles; it means so much to us that you take the time to tell the story of the two of you. We cry and laugh with you. And pray for you… Strength for the journey. Love to you both. Julie LeBlanc Warneke & Derek Warneke sending XOXOs and luck and warm wishes and love your way!

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