tweet : the chirp of a small or young bird.


Tweeters -not the sound a bunch of small birds make, not 140 characters posted online…they are in fact some sort of tiny speakers that Duane “needed” me to replace.  WHAT??  It took about two hours for me to replace the tweet? tweeter? tweeted? (tiny speaker) in the Mastercraft next to the steering wheel.  Every time I finished one step I took a picture, went in the house, showed Duane, fixed what I did wrong, took another picture, listened to the next instruction, went outside, tried to accomplish that step, took a picture….the viscous cycle continued and continued.  But hey now I can replace your tweeter if you need me to.  Maybe.  

And seriously I can’t tell the difference between the one I replaced and the new one.  I think it may have just been busy work.  

-xoxo Victoria


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