“That escalated quickly” – Ron Burgundy

We made it through the new year, we made it through almost two straight weeks of pouring rain, we made it through icy docks, a lot of low tides and more than 6 months living completely and totally on the yacht.  After a few two many close calls we decided it was time to settle on solid ground.  Lake Havasu City here we come!!!  

Living on the yacht was amazing!  Fishing whenever we wanted, amazing sunsets and being lulled to sleep by the motion of the ocean.  We couldn’t have asked for a better living situation.  As time has passed Duane has become more unstable and needs more assistance to do everyday tasks.  Getting on the boat, especially after a full day has become dangerous and we have taken a few too many falls.  So in search of more room for Duane to use his walker in, a larger bathroom that we can both fit into and a stable ground we decided to dead to Arizona.  We found a great house and can’t wait to continue our adventure in “The Grand Canyon State”.  

As we pack up and head to our new home we hope you will continue to come visit us… and in the words of Ron Burgundy – “You Stay Classy San Diego”!

– xoxo  Victoria

One thought on ““That escalated quickly” – Ron Burgundy

  1. congrats on the move to Havasu, the next time I get up there I’ll be sure to call you guys so we can go to dinner and maybe meet out on the water! Andy Manahl


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