“…you’d probably punch my arm right now If you saw this tear rolling down on my face” – Lee Brice


I have been going back and forth in my mind for the last few days in regards to this blog.  

Do I continue writing? if I do, do I change the name?  do I stop writing?  I started this blog to keep our friends updated on Duane’s progress and to share all the fun we were having.  It ended up being so much more than that – it gave me an outlet, showed me that I had so much love and support and I do believe helped others going through similar situations.  

At this moment I have decided to continue this blog with the same name.  I have so many more stories and experiences to share about ALS and the process of caring for someone you love who is battling a terminal illness.  I will start sharing some of the stories that may not have been appropriate before (privacy issues) and share stories about growing and moving forward from this unimaginable life change.  

Thank you all for love and support – you have no idea how your comments, likes and messages have helped me through the last two years.  I love you all!

– xoxo Victoria

8 thoughts on ““…you’d probably punch my arm right now If you saw this tear rolling down on my face” – Lee Brice

  1. I’m glad you’re keeping the blog! I think it will be a great way to share some of the hard things you recall as you heal, as well as keep Duane’s memory alive. You’re a talented writer so share your story! We’ll keep reading!

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  2. Yes, keep the blog. I’m sure there are many people looking for answers. Reading this could help them understand and learn to except what is to come. You faught the good fight. Like I told you before, your journey still continues.

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